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Dina Podolsky studied fine art at the renowned Moscow Polygraphic Institute specializing in art history, book illustration and painting.  Merging classical training with contemporary vision, Dina unveils the beauty in "ordinary" objects, those that have been forgotten and through masterly technique are suddenly rediscovered.  The subject matter is but the starting point upon which a layered, textured surface is created where color takes the center stage.

Dina has participated in numerous international art events: Le Salon Biennale Paris, Art Expo New York, Los Angeles International Art Fair, Toronto International Art Fair and more. She has also had many solo shows around the world: Opera Gallery in NY and Miami, Downey Gallery in Santa Fe, Marc-Aurele Fortin Museum in Montreal, Lydia Monaro Gallery in Montreal, Salon D'Art River Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Galerie 203 in Montreal.  Dina's work has been featured and reviewed in a number of art magazines and publications, including Art News, Vie Des Arts, Art in America, Vogue Australia, and Sotheby's International Realty.  Additionally, Dina’s works can be found in many corporate, private and public collections.


I use symbolic vocabulary which reflects the themes of time, passage and “selective memory”. Always striving to discover beauty in ordinary objects, real and illusionary.  My work is about past and present, and exploration of texture and color.

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