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Westmount Rotary "Art for Good" fundraiserNovember 2021

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20190618_214749 combo11.jpg

 A Century Songbook Show, Segal Theater, Montreal Canada
June 16 to 30, 2019


With "A Century Songbook"  Show Scriptwriter Edit Kuper,

June 16, 2019


Westmount Rotary "Art for Good" Fundraser November 2021


Virtual Lesson with art students,
November 2020

At Prado.jpg

Visiting Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain November 2019


A workshop on texture in painting at the Montreal Women's Art Society. October 2018

Lydia Monaro Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Solo show, Nov. 2014

Lydia Monaro Gallery, Vernissage

River Gallery, Bratislava Slovakia 
Group show, June 2013

Erarta Gallery, Madison ave.
New York, 
Group show, May 2014

Erarta Gallery, TV interview

Erarta Gallery, Vernissage

Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown N.Y. 
Solo show, June 2013

Toronto International Art Fair
At the booth

Opera Gallery, Soho New York
Solo Show 2009

Opera Gallery, ready for Vernissage

Opera Gallery, minutes fefore the opening

Opera Gallery, Vernissage

Opera Gallery, Vernissage

Dina Podolsky & Gabriel Aubry

Dina Podolsky & Jon Voight

Downey Gallery, Santa Fe, USA
Solo show 1996

Downey Gallery, Santa Fe,USA
The show starts soon

Toronto International Art Fair

Dina Podolsky & Romero Britto

Lydia Monaro Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Group show, December. 2016

With Arysta Life Science team at the awarding ceremony, Oct. 2018

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