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Dina Podolsky was born in the former Soviet Union in 1953. First trained at the  Polygraphic Institute in Moscow, she continued her studies at the Bezalel  Academy of Jerusalem and the Avni  Institute of Fine Arts of Tel-Aviv.  It is essential to understand Podolsky’s complex Slavic background in order to  get the full impact of her work. Her pictorial language is extremely personal,  almost autobiographical, a fictional and  poetic identification with the closeness of  the past With her memory as a tool,  Podolsky enfolds and changes her  images, letting forms emerge by using  surface ambiguities to suggest evolving memory.         

She gives special care to the effects produced by texture and patina.  The use of collage, varnishes and thick layers of mixed media invoke the passage of time. Her favorite subjects of  the moment are old, dolls, antique wine  bottles and familiar conventional objects.  Podolsky has recently expanded her use of light, which creates effects of depth, shadow and clarity in warm and vibrant blues, reds and earth tones.  The recent work of Dina Podolsky is a synthesis of a deep reflection connecting the past culture of the former Soviet Union with the living sensibilities of the  ones who carry on its memories.    

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