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Dina Podolsky’s canvases are as rich as her background. She was born in Moscow in 1953 where she trained as an artist and continued her studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem. Settling in Montreal in 1985 she began to fully spread her creative wings, with, to date, a dozen solo exhibitions in Canada United States and abroad.


In 1993 Podolsky represented Canada in “Le Salon Biennal” at Grand-Palais in Paris.


Throughout, she has donated works to numerous causes like Children at Heart (for victims of Chernobyl) and many more.


It is with great pride that Downey Gallery brings to our viewers and collectors the latest works by this exceptional artist! Her richly-textured, mixed media works, permeated with the colors of her Russian childhood, can be found in many public and private collections, such as Microsoft - Seattle Perfitti - Italy, Sandoz - Suisse, Lotto Quebec, Montreal and it is a pleasure to display her paintings in our gallery. Podolsky’s works have great emotional appeal, with images of rusty copper pots with delicate field flowers growing in them and antique dolls in satin dresses, but she is also a master of her technique, producing canvases that resemble ancient, fading frescoes.

Despite her many travels, Podolsky continues to seek inspiration in the past, Moscow childhood. Symbols from that shadowy universe of memory appear on the borders of some o  canvases  dressmaker~s   mannequins and antique, laced-up booties while a magnificent play of light and, color  transforms them into shimmering tableaux. Working and reworking the surface, Podolsky seems to be excavating sensations and texture, at once releasing forgotten images and creating new ones.


 Dina Podolsky is unique and dedicated artist in a league of her own.  

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