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It is impossible not be moved by Dina Podolsky’s paintings; rich and beautiful, her paintings touch the very core of our being. Born in Moscow in 1953, Dina garnered a solid grounding in painterly techniques, honed on classical, strictly traditional art education. After moving to Israel, she found herself amidst a community, drawn into a discourse on art, and experiencing her vocation from a completely new perspective. Dina was encouraged and inspired, breaking out with her first solo exhibition in 1975. In the 1 980s she moved to Montreal, Canada, where she now lives and works. Dina’s artwork draws from the tradition of the great masters, speaking in a unique visual language that is both contemporary and traditional. Her canvases’ rough and textured surfaces bring to mind ancient murals as if the artist was trying to unearth a memory, scrape it of time’s residue and make it speak again. Rich in texture, her subjects maintain a simplicity that is instantly accessible. Quotidian objects of another area populate Dina’s iconography, moments lost in time, accompanied by notes and dates scribbled across the canvas. There is a pure innocence to her work that brings a warm joy to any onlooker. Dina’s images enter through our eyes directly into our souls, seeping into places we have forgotten and are suddenly, and unexpectedly, made to rediscover.


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