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Podolsky’s richly textured paintings are like a magical world of childhood memories, drawing us into a past that is not ours, yet is strangely familiar. She courageously explores what many would consider the insignificant, her talent transforming the mundane into the monumental. Objects from the past become icons, making us believe that nothing dies as long as we remember. A true artist, she combines the old with the new, and weaves the past with the present. Dina, daughter of artist Lev Podolsky, was born in Moscow in 1953. Inspired to become an artist like her father, she attended the renowned Moscow

Polygraphic Institute where she was trained in classical painterly techniques. She continued her education at the Bezalel  Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where she developed a unique contemporary language rooted in rich tradition. Podolsky has been exhibiting extensively for over thirty years and had her first solo show at the age of twenty-two. Dina currently resides in Montreal, Canada with her family where she continues to paint and exhibit internationally in Europe, Asia, the U.S., and Canada. Her work can be found in corporate, private and public collections worldwide. 

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